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Are you planning to make more beautiful lips? When this burning desire to change their appearance wakes up, but, at the same time, you do not want to reconsider surgical methods, injectable fillers immediately come to the rescue. If you plan to tweak your lips or make them plumper, then Restylane and Juvéderm injections are good choices to fulfil this desire. In both versions, hyaluronic acid is the basis. It helps to moisturize the skin sufficiently and even heal it.

In our salon, we use it often, since this acid can save people from many problems: wrinkles, scars, blemishes, etc. But the most crucial thing is that it can correct the lip appearance of women and men. Considering what result you want to get, we recommend you to use the injections of both companies, which we’ve mentioned above.

But before thinking about which filler to use, first, you need to understand the features of the procedure itself.

Read this article to the end, and you will find out the main points to consider before lip augmentation and avoid big mistakes.

Talk to your doctor about which filler to use

As stated earlier, Restylane and Juvéderm are indispensable things for lip augmentation. Both have similar characteristics, but they also have differences. Restylane is not always able to show breathtaking results. With it, you may not achieve what you wanted. As for Juvéderm, things are a little different there. After the filler usage of this company, your lips will be voluminous and plump, like ripe cherries. But it does not mean that they will look artificially. They completely take on a natural look.

Not to feel wrong with the choice, the specialist, bearing in mind your preferences, will choose the desired option.

Visualize your desire more accurately

Don’t rush to see a doctor. First, decide what you want. And then try to state your thoughts to the doctor more accurately. If you want the lower lip to look bigger, do not be silent, but immediately say it. Browse the lip options on the Internet, choose the ones you like. Feel free to show the photos to a specialist right away. It will make the conversation easier.

Are you looking for plumper lips? The doctor will apply the filler directly to the skin of the lips. Are you looking for a more natural look? He will inject it into the edges of the lips.

Don't overdo your whims

If you are going to correct lips for the first time, then you should not ask to apply a lot of the filler. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you don’t like the result, you can add more filler at any time.

There are more cases when a small amount of the filler is enough to achieve the desired result. Do not forget in this matter – it is better to take small steps.

Plan your procedure in advance

Because after the procedure, bruising and swelling are possible, and this is normal. Therefore, if you want to look very good on your date or an important event of your life with charming lips, then plan such procedures at least a week in advance. And note that after the procedure, you cannot go to the beach, sunbathe in the solarium, go to the sauna and take a hot bath for about a week.

Explore all the consequences that can be

Fillers are quite a harmless thing for our bodies. Problems with their use very rarely occur. But it is still a potential thing to encounter them.

The main problem that can arise is an allergy to the filler. It can badly impact the health of your body. If you often get herpes, then you may also need to refrain from such an event.

Fillers are a trend in the beauty industry now. If you want to get more information on this topic, then contact us, and we will tell you everything and show you everything. Be beautiful and loved!

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