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Versalini Medi-Spa & Salon is the place where you will find the balance of Health, Youth, and Beauty

Creating beauty and youth is our specialty.
Are you looking for a cosmetology center to make your wishes come true and satisfy all your requirements? Versalini Beauty & Spa Salon is what you need!
Here you will experience the latest cosmetic and medical procedures for face, body, and hair to make your appearance more refreshed and youthful. You can also build confidence and improve self-esteem, trying vacuum buttocks therapy or intimate bleaching. In addition, our beauty masters will create a unique look with a new haircut and a professional manicure.
If you have any skin flaws and would like to get rid of them – the experienced specialists of Medical Spa Salon will correct them without pain and other consequences. What popular corrective procedures does Versalini offer?
• Carbon laser facial (rejuvenation and deep-cleansing of problematic skin)
• Ultherapy (non-invasive face and body skin tightening)
• Cavitation (non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction)
• i-Lipo (laser fat reduction and body contouring)
• Emsculpt (a fit body with toned and attractive contours)

All procedures are performed by highly qualified cosmetologists using the most innovative techniques and the best injectables from the top manufacturers in the world.

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Working Hours:
Monday 9am – 6:00pm
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That’s why our clients trust us

Versalini Beauty & Spa Salon is an innovative territory of beauty, where you can radically change in just one day. The main principle of work is benevolence, responsibility, and an individual approach to each client. Versalini’s team consists of highly qualified cosmetologists, professional hairdressers, make-up artists, eyebrow designers, and lash makers.
Thanks to regularly improving professional skills, attending training and international conferences, our specialists always have the latest equipment and use advanced technologies and cosmetic products. For example, if you want to make your lips bigger and keep them natural, our expert will offer you the most modern lip fillers that will provide volume and make them softer and more seductive.
There are five main reasons why you will like our Medical Spa Salon:
1. Experienced and certified specialists
2. High-quality and tested cosmetic products
3. The optimal combination of procedures to achieve a positive result in no time
4. We guarantee your safety
5. Cleanliness, sterility, and comfort

How to find us? Versalini Beauty & Spa Salon has two branches in New York:
• 99 Madison Ave Manhattan
• 1115 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn

The beauty journey starts here. We’re waiting for you!


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